Head gasket – manifold leaks, are both bad and can, destroy you engine.

And, because, they seal more than one thing, they need to work flawlessly.

So, depending on the application, they need to seal, compression, engine coolant, air and even vacuum. Consequently, that means, you can have, more than one type of failure, in the same gasket.

As a result, head gasket – manifold leaks, are the worst and most expensive problems out there.

Head Gasket

So, a head gasket can leak either, coolant or compression. Consequently, coolant leaks in a head gasket, will be discovered fairly quickly. Due to the fact that, the engine will run hot. Furthermore, compression leaks cause, engines to lose a lot of their power. But, they will not stop you from, continuing to drive the vehicle.

Manifold Leaks

So, a leak in the intake manifold gasket can lead to, coolant running down the sides of a vehicle’s engine. Consequently, some vehicles have, become well known for springing leaks, in their intake manifold gaskets. These vehicles, however, are usually equipped with plastic manifold gaskets, which tend to fail, sooner than other gaskets.

So, some engines are prone to coolant leaks, in their intake manifold gaskets. There are also some vehicles, which have engines, prone to head gasket failure. So, if you experience these symptoms, it may not tell you exactly where the problem is. But, you will at least know that, you need to have it checked out.

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