Head Gasket - Manifold Leaks

Should I rebuild my engine FAQ

The usual reasons to rebuild my engine are loss of compression, excessive oil consumption, or excessive oil clearances. So should I rebuild my engine ? The symptoms of loss of compression are extended cranking (hard […]

Engine Rebuilding

Engine rebuilding remanufacturing FAQ

Engine rebuilding remanufacturing FAQ. What is the difference between engine rebuilding and engine remanufacturing? Typically a rebuilt engine will have a much shorter life than a remanufactured unit because the process is much less precise and, […]

Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes

Engine Troubleshooting FAQ

Engine Troubleshooting FAQ Quick Troubleshooting Topics with Answers Black smoke is coming from my exhaust. This is an indication that too much gas is being burned. Your air/fuel mixture is too rich. You may have a […]