So, over the years, car thermostats, have not changed much.

In addition, they are fairly basic and continue to do a good job.

But, the job they do, is very important, so they have to function flawlessly. And, the result of it not working, can be very expensive.

So, thermostats open and close, to allow coolant flow when needed.

And, must get the engine, to heat up to its optimum temperature, as quickly as possible. Also, once its at that optimum temperature, it must remain there. So, that the engine runs, at its peak performance. Consequently, the sooner that happens, the better your engine will run. Without, you engine overheating.

Basically Thermostats Have Two Jobs

1- To accelerate engine warm-up time:

  • By blocking the circulation of coolant, between the engine and radiator. But, only until the engine has reached its, predetermined temperature.

2- To regulate the engine’s operating temperature:

  • Consequently, by opening and closing in response, to specific changes in coolant temperature. Therefore, keeping the engine’s temperature, within the desired operating range.

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