So, we have added a miscellaneous topics section, for more engine help.

It will include some of the frustrating, but common problems out there. Firstly, we will talk about the basic operation of the engine. And, then some of the many issues people have every day.

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Fuel Wash – What is it – Check If You Have It – Common Causes

Interference Or Non Interference Engines, Timing Is Everything

Reduced Engine Power Warning Light – What To Do And Why?

Engine Troubleshooting Common Problems, With Solutions

Repeat Engine Failures From Not Diagnosing The Original Problem

Hydrolocked Engine – What Does It Mean – Possible Damage

Valve Lash Setting – Top End Ticking Noise, Usually The First Sign

Top Dead Center – Is When The Piston, Is At The Top Of Its Stroke

File Fit Piston Rings – How To Do It Properly, For Critical End-Gap

Ball Hone – How To Get The Perfect Finish, For Piston Ring Sealing

Emission Thermactor Plugs – For Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

Rear Main Rope Seal – Alternatives For Many Older Engines

Rocker Arms Dislodging – Along With Valve Seats Falling Out

Flexplate – What Does It Do ? – What Can Happen If It Fails ?

Harmonic Balancer – Function – Common Failure Warning Signs

Pushrods – On G.M. 3.1-3.4 Engines – This Is Where Length Matters !

Valve Springs Can Cause, Floating Valves And Pumped Up Lifters

Valve Lash – Getting All The Facts For Setting And Adjustment

Broken Bolt – Stud Removing – Can Be A Frustrating Time Waster

Intermittent Temperature Related Engine Problems, Where To Start