Poor Fuel Economy – Little Tricks That Will Help, In Boosting Your Mileage

Poor Fuel Economy - Little Tricks That Will Help In Boosting Your Mileage
Poor Fuel Economy - Little Tricks That Will Help In Boosting Your Mileage

Maintenance is critical in keeping your vehicle running its best and minimizing, poor fuel economy.

So, knowing the common causes, of poor fuel economy, is just the tip of the iceberg.

It may not seem like that big a deal but, staying on top of oil changes; replacing the air filters when necessary and throwing some; fuel-system cleaner in the tank, every now and then can go a long way; in keeping your engine running the way it should.

Danny’s Engineportal Poor Fuel Economy Tips – Fuel expands in heat, so to get your money’s worth; try to purchase fuel, during the coolest part of the day. For those in warm climates, this might mean a visit to the pump, early in the morning; after the underground tanks have had a chance to cool overnight.

Also, try to combine short trips, as the engine runs more efficiently when warm. If you’ll be idling one minute or longer, cut the engine. Consequently, this saves money at railroad crossings; when chatting out the window, or when picking up passengers.

These little tricks will go a long way, in helping combat, excessive fuel consumption. So, is your vehicle delivering poor fuel economy? Have you noticed a gradual or sudden drop, in the mileage you were once getting?

Poor Fuel Economy Tips
Poor Fuel Economy Tips

Common Causes, That May Or May Not Turn On, Your Check Engine Light:

  • Sluggish Oxygen Sensors
  • Inaccurate or Defective Coolant Sensor
  • Defective Engine Thermostat
  • Engine Misfire
  • Intake Manifold or EGR Valve Leak
  • Worn or Fouled Spark Plugs, A common Cause Of, Poor Fuel Economy
  • Dirty Fuel Injectors
  • Low Compression
  • Wrong Oil Viscosity
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Clogged Converter or Exhaust Restriction
  • Slipping Clutch or Transmission
  • Low Tires
  • Dragging Brakes
  • Too Much Junk in Your Trunk
  • Poor Driving Habits, Encourages Poor Fuel Economy
Get Even Better Fuel Economy
Get Even Better Fuel Economy

So, To Combat Poor Fuel Economy, You Should Also, Do The Following:

  1. Regularly changing of your engine oil, so as to reduce friction. This will help you in getting, better fuel economy.
  2. Because, your air conditioner is the worst consumer of fuel, turn it off while driving. Try using your windows to cool yourself.
  3. Always plan before driving. Know the specific routes that will, economize your fuel consumption. Use a smooth sailing route.
  4. You should avoid idling your engine, since you waste your fuel, adding to, poor fuel economy.
  5. Change your style of driving. Don’t accelerate your car, when it is not needed. Because, this will increase fuel consumption.
  6. If it is possible, ensure that you lighten the load in your vehicle. This will also improve fuel mileage; reducing fuel consumption.
  7. Inflate your vehicle tires properly. Inflating them will help, in increasing your fuel economy.
  8. Finally, embrace regular maintenance, to combat poor fuel economy.

This will help you in detecting factors, affecting your fuel mileage. Also, finding solutions to those factors, which may include; malfunctioning oxygen sensors, injectors and air filters. Check your tire pressures regularly – make it part of your Sunday routine or something.

All motoring sites and magazines tell you the same thing and that’s for a reason. If your tire pressures are low, you will be increasing the rolling resistance, of the tire on the road. Consequently, that will be robbing your fuel efficiency, causing poor fuel economy.


So, make sure they’re up to manufacturer recommended values (at the very least). As a result, watch your mpg get a little better.

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