So, the function of fuel systems, is to store and deliver fuel, to the engine as needed.

Furthermore, as the fuel is delivered, it must also be, atomized and have the correct, spray pattern.

In addition, the fuel needs to be, under a certain pressure and volume, for proper combustion to take place.

So, the fuel system is made up of the fuel tank, pump, filter and injectors or carburetor. And, is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, as needed.

In addition, the basic types of fuel injection systems are, single-point, multi-point, sequential, and direct injection.

Consequently, fuel systems can be, one of two different types. Either, the return type or return less type. But, the big difference is, how they are actually regulated.

Return type system

So, a return type system, has a fuel pressure regulator, that varies the fuel pressure. But, is based on the amount of vacuum, from the intake system. This is so, the amount of fuel pressure and flow reaching the injectors, remains consistently the same.

Return less system

But, a return less type system, uses the powertrain control module (PCM), to regulate the fuel delivery. So, when the fuel pressure and flow starts to drop, due to increase of engine speed or load. Then, the (PCM) compensates by, increasing injector duration and/or operating speed, of the fuel pump.

Signs of failing fuel systems include:

  • Difficult Engine Starting.
  • Slow or Hesitation at Acceleration.
  • Stalling While Driving.
  • Intermittent Power Loss.
  • Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light Illuminated.
  • Engine Idling Rough.
  • Excessive Engine Smoke.
  • Noticeable Fuel Odors.
  • Decreased Fuel Economy.

So, today the quality of fuel we get, is not that great. Often, carbon based deposits, build up in the fuel system and clog the whole system. And, that is when the key fuel system components, like the fuel injectors start to no operate properly. And, we already know what follows that. Things like, loss of performance, loss in acceleration, idling problems and loss of fuel economy.

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