Several automakers introduced OBD computer interfaces, for their own cars before the 1990s.

But, the push to standardize everything, really didn’t begin until 1991.

As a result of, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated that all cars sold in California, needed some form of capability.

However, CARB didn’t issue, OBD standards for the systems until 1994.

Now, virtually every new car sold in the U.S. over the past 20 years, follows this standard. Cars now have a OBD port, usually located, under the dashboard on the driver’s side. As a result, devices can plug into and connect to a car’s computer.

The trouble engine codes are just that, though, Codes. Instead of a diagnosis like “loose gas cap,” you will see a string of letters and numbers. However, they are incomprehensible, without a reference. Trouble codes, start with a letter and include four or five numbers. Together, point to the specific subsystem and what problem, it is experiencing.

So, How Do You Read OBD Codes

  1. Firstly, always connect a car battery charger to your car. Subsequently, when doing any electrical work, that requires the ignition to be on.
  2. Because, low voltage, can cause a lot of problems, with the troubleshooting. And, also a lot of error codes, that we do not want.
  3. Next, put a jumper wire, between PIN A and PIN B.
  4. Then, let the jumper wire sit there and turn the ignition, to ON. But, do not start the engine.
  5. The check engine light, will begin to flash. Count the flashes.
  6. There will be a longer pause between the codes, if you have several OBD trouble codes.
  7. And, a shorter pause, between the digits of the trouble codes.
  8. For example, code 16 = 1 flash “Pause” 6 flashes.
  9. When all trouble codes are outputted, it will flash the code 12 = 1 flash “Pause” 2 flashes.
  10. Write down all the trouble code numbers you got.
  11. Then, check the, how to read trouble code table, further down in the article.
  12. Finally, remove the jumper wire and car battery charger.

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