Finding engine coolant leaks

How to find engine coolant leaks

February 8, 2017 Danny Bender

Checking a pressurized cooling system is easier than you think. Engine coolant leaks can occur anywhere in the cooling system. Nine out of 10 times, engine coolant leaks are easy to find. Usually the coolant can be seen dripping, spraying, seeping or bubbling from the leaky component. The first symptom […]


Cylinder Head Gasket Leaks

December 11, 2016 Danny Bender

Cylinder head gasket leaks cause a variety of problems that no one is ready to deal with it. Compression loss, (power reduction, or a rough engine).  Excessive pressure, (exhaust gases in the cooling system).  Engine overheating and increased engine wear, (motor oil mixing with antifreeze). You can not see the gasket without […]

contaminated oil

White stuff under my oil cap

November 29, 2016 Danny Bender

White stuff under my oil cap. You take the cap off of your valve cover to top off your oil or fill the crank case. You find a white milky creamy stuff coating the underside of the oil cap and down into the filler hole. So what is this white stuff and […]


Rear Main Seal Leaks-or are they

November 26, 2016 Danny Bender

It has been determined that 90% of all rear main seal oil leak complaints checked in the last five years are leaks in the pan gasket, rocker covers, side covers, etc., and are not leaking rear main oil seals. The following is a suggested procedure to determine the exact location […]