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So, Danny’s Engineportal, strongly suggests, that a visual inspection of the engine, is the first step in proper diagnostics.

Is a wire loose ? Did a vacuum line fall off ? Do not look for a complicated solution, to a simple problem. It is common to have a problem in one area, that impacts three or four others. So, with a little knowledge, and our help, you should be able to solve most problems yourself.

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Analyzing Poor Engine Performance – Common Warning Signs

(EGR) Valve – Is A Very Important, Emission Control Device

(PCV) System – Controls Crankcase Emissions And Much More

Automotive Filters – Enable Flow While Removing Impurities

Engine Timing – Camshaft And Ignition Timing Are Totally Different

Exhaust Smoke Can Be Bad – What Color It – When Do You See It

Idle Issues – Engine Won’t Run At, A Steady And Consistent (RPM)

Misfires – From Loss Of Spark, Compression Or Air/Fuel Mixture

Spark Plugs – Do Way More Than You Actually Think

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – Valve Timing Changes, With (RPM)s

Basic Engine Topics – Top And Bottom End Individual Components

Automotive Engine Rebuild – Is It Worth It – Other Possible Options

Basic Engine Machining – Common Machine Shop Jobs Performed

Connecting Rods – The Link Between, The Piston And Crankshaft

Crankshafts – Convert Vertical Movement Of Pistons Into A Rotation

Diesel Engine – Is Sophisticated And Often, Difficult To Diagnose

Engine Bearings – Enable Moving Engine Parts, To Spin Freely

Basic Engine Blocks – A Metal Structure, Housing Other Components

Engine Problems And Damage – The Most Expensive Repairs

Mechanical Problems – Require More Wrenching And Less Testing

Oil Pressure – Is Actually Created By, Resistance To Oil Flow

Piston Ring – Seals The Combustion Chamber, And Dissipate Heat

Belts And Hoses – Are Crucial, But Also Have A Short Life Span

Car Electrical System – Starting, Charging, And Ignition Circuits

Automotive Car Battery – Troubleshooting Car Battery Problems

Automotive Relays – Are Used To Control, Hi Amperage Circuits

Car Alternator – Powers The Electrical System – Charges Battery

Car Starter Motor – How To Know, If Your Starter Motor Is Failing

Sensors In Cars – Monitor And Control, Various Engine Parameters

Crankshaft Camshaft Sensors – Used With Distributorless Ignition

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, Sends Info To The (ECU)

Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve – Manages Your Engine’s Idle Speed

Knock Sensors – Monitor The Frequency, When Detonation Occurs

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor – Getting The Correct Amount Of Air

Oxygen Sensors (O2) – Report Your Air Fuel Ratio, To Your (ECM)

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) – Updates The (ECM) About Air Flow

Cooling System – Keeping The Engine, An Efficient Temperature

Diagnosing Leaks – Is Easy, If You Know The Location, Color, Smell

Coolant Leaks – Cause Overheating, The First Sign Of Trouble

Fuel Leaks – Are Found Most Often, Just By The Smell

Head Gasket Leaks – Are By Far, Any Motorist’s Worst Nightmare

Manifold Gasket Leaks – Intake And Exhaust, Are Both Bad

Oil Leaks – Effect Engine Life and Performance Of Your Vehicle

Vacuum Leaking – Allows Unmetered Air, To Enter The Engine

Emission Control – Pollution Devices, That Manage Emissions

Crankcase Emission Control – “Blow-By” Gases In The Crankcase

Evaporative Emission Control – Collects and Stores, Fuel Vapors

Exhaust Emission Control – Lowers The Level Of, Harmful Exhaust

Engine Codes – Are The Way, On-Board Diagnostics Talks To You

OBD-I First Generation – On-Board Diagnostics Codes

OBD-II – Second Generation, On-Board Diagnostics Codes

P0001 Through P0099 – Trouble Codes, Fuel And Air Metering

P0100 Through P0199 – Trouble Codes, Fuel And Air Metering

P0200 Through P0299 – Fuel And Air Metering (Injector Circuit)

P0300 Through P0399 – Ignition System Or Engine Misfire

P0400 Through P0499 – Auxiliary Emissions Controls

P0500 Through P0599 – Vehicle Speed And Idle Control System

P0008-U1601 – Dodge Cummins, Diagnostic Trouble Codes

P0100-P0804 – Chevy/GM Duramax, Diagnostic Trouble Codes

P1111-P1783 – Ford Power-Stroke, Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Engine No Start Conditions – Possible Causes, Things To Check

Your Engine Turns Over But Will Not Start – What To Check First

Your Engine Will Not Turn Over – What To Check First

Engine Sealing – Includes, Oil, Coolant, Vacuum And Combustion

Exploring Engine Noises And Vibrations – Where is it? Is It Bad?

Fuel Systems – Store And Deliver Fuel To The Engine

Electronic Fuel Injectors – Convert Fuel, Into A Fine Spray

Fuel Pressure Regulator – Regulates Pressure, From (ECM) Inputs

Electric Fuel Pump Relays – Are Used, Because Of The High Amperage

Fuel Pumps – Deliver Fuel, From The Fuel Tank, To The Engine

General Car Maintenance – It Will Be In Your, Owners Manual

Ignition Systems – Increase Voltage, To Ignite The Air/Fuel Mixture

Ignition Coils – Take Low Battery Voltage, Then Amplify It

Primary Ignition System, Battery, Low Voltage Side Of The Circuit

Secondary Ignition System, Spark, High Voltage Side Of The Circuit

Links – Have Been Added, With Additional Tech Resources

Abbreviations And Acronyms – What All These Car Terms Mean

PDF Files – Automotive Reference Tools, For Almost Everything

Serpentine Belt Routing Guide – Common Belt Routing Diagrams

SKF Torque Specifications – Front-Rear-Axle-Nut-Hub-Mount-Lug

Torque Specifications – Proper Torque Specifications And Sequence

Lubricants And Oils – Are Often Overlooked, But Are Essential

Engine Oil Additives – Seems To Be, The Elephant In The Closet

Miscellaneous Topics – The Miscellaneous Car Problems Section

Motorcycle ATV – Trial And Error, Hard Work, And Perseverance

Overheating Engine – Engines Run Hot, But How Hot, Is Too Hot

Car Radiators – Allow The Engine Coolant, To Dissipate Heat

Engine Cooling Fans – Move Air Through The Rad, When Needed

Rad Caps – Help Regulate Temperature, While Staying Pressurized

Thermostats – Maintain Temperature, By Controlling Coolant Flow

Water Pump – Keeps Engine Coolant, Moving Through The Engine

Repair Tips – Take The Scare, Out Of Basic Engine Repair

Reviews – Very Common Car Problems, By Make And Model

Testing Procedures And Fixes – To Keep You On The Road

Cooling Heating System, Also Shares, Many Of The Same Parts

Electrical System Testing, Sensors, Relays, Ignition, Starter, Battery

Engine Mechanical, Compression, Leak, Power Balance, Vacuum

Fuel System Testing, Fuel Pump, Injector, Regulator, Relay, Sensor

Head Gasket – Manifold Leaks – Happen, Internally And Externally

Turbocharger – Supercharger – Both Squeeze Out, More Power

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