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Danny’s Engineportal, strongly suggests, that a visual inspection of the engine, is the first step in proper diagnostics. Is a wire loose ? Did a vacuum line fall off ?

Do not look for a complicated solution, to a simple problem. It is common to have a problem in one area, that impacts three or four others.

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Analyzing Poor Engine Performance – Common Things To Check

Basic Hard Engine Parts – Top And Bottom End Components

Belts And Hoses – Are Crucial, But Also Have A Short Life Span

Car Electrical System – Battery, Charging, Starting And Circuits

Sensors In Cars – Monitor And Control, Various Engine Parameters

Cooling System – Keeping The Engine, At An Efficient Temperature

Diagnosing Leaks – Is Easy, If You Know The Location, Color, Smell

Emission Control – Pollution Devices, That Manage Emissions

Engine Codes – Are The Way, On-Board Diagnostics Talks To You

Engine No Start Conditions – Possible Causes, Things To Check

Engine Sealing – Includes, Oil, Coolant, Vacuum And Combustion

Exploring Engine Noises – Where Are They Coming From And Why

Fuel Systems – Store And Deliver Fuel To The Engine As Needed

General Car Maintenance – Your Owners Manual, Is You Bible

Ignition Systems – Increase Voltage, To Ignite The Air/Fuel Mixture

Links – Have Been Added, With Additional Tech Resources

Lubricants And Oils – Are Often Overlooked, But Are Essential

Miscellaneous Topics – The Miscellaneous Car Problems Section

Motorcycle ATV Repair – Nothing Works Perfectly…..Forever

Overheating Engine – Engines Run Hot, But How Hot, Is Too Hot

Repair Tips – Take The Scare, Out Of Basic Engine Repair

Reviews – Common Engine Problems, By Make And Model

Testing Procedures And Fixes – To Keep You On The Road

Turbocharger – Supercharger – Both Squeeze Out, More Power

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