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Danny’s Engineportal, Shares DIY, Automotive Engine Repair Information, To Help Solve Engine Problems.

Engine Rebuilding, Basic Engine Machining, Technical Information, Diagnostic Troubleshooting, And Finally, Testing With Possible Solutions.

So, Danny’s Engineportal, strongly suggests, that a visual inspection of the engine, is the first step in proper diagnostics.

Is a wire loose ? Did a vacuum line fall off ? Do not look for a complicated solution, to a simple problem. It is common to have a problem in one area, that impacts three or four others. So, with a little knowledge, you should be able to solve, most problems yourself.

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Analyzing poor engine performance – Diagnosing the signs and symptoms.

Basic Engine Topics – Several engine components, working simultaneously.

Belts And Hoses – Belts and hoses have, one of the shortest life spans.

Car Electrical System – How it works – Troubleshooting electrical problems.

Sensors In Cars – Devices that monitor and control, engine parameters.

Cooling System – Keeping the engine, an efficient temperature.

Diagnosing Leaks – Is the first step, to a successful and safe repair.

Emission Control – Pollution control devices, that manage emissions.

Engine Codes – Warn you if the On-Board diagnostics detects a problem.

Engine Sealing – The most important task, gaskets and seals need to do.

Exploring Engine Noises And Vibrations – Always, diagnose, before you fix.

Fuel Systems – Store and deliver fuel to the engine for proper combustion.

General Car Maintenance – Your car owners manual, is your bible.

Ignition Systems – Generate the spark, to ignite the Air/Fuel mixture.

Links – We have added links, to helpful resources, for more engine help.

Lubricants And Oils – Essential fluids, That keep your engine alive.

Miscellaneous Topics – The overflow, miscellaneous car problems section.

Motorcycle ATV – Tech tips, to help you keep doing, what you love best.

Engine No Start Conditions – Possible causes and things to check first.

Overheating Engine – Today, engines run hot, but how hot, is too hot.

Repair Tips – Take the scare, out of basic automotive engine repair.

Reviews – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Anything automotive.

Testing Procedures and Fixes – You can do many of them, all by yourself.

Turbocharger – Supercharger – They both squeeze out, more power.

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