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So, Danny’s Engineportal, strongly suggests, that a visual inspection of the engine, is the first step in proper diagnostics.

Is a wire loose ? Did a vacuum line fall off ? Do not look for a complicated solution, to a simple problem. It is common to have a problem in one area, that impacts three or four others. So, with a little knowledge, and our help, you should be able to solve most problems yourself.

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Analyzing Poor Engine Performance – Common Warning Signs

(EGR) Valve – Is A Very Important, Emission Control Device

(PCV) System – Controls Crankcase Emissions And Much More

Automotive Filters – Enable Flow While Removing Many Impurities

Engine Timing – Camshaft And Ignition Timing Are Totally Different

Exhaust Smoke Can Be Bad – What Color It – When Do You See It

Idle Issues – Engine Won’t Run At, A Steady And Consistent (RPM)

Misfires – From Loss Of Spark, Compression Or Air/Fuel Mixture

Spark Plugs – Do More Than You Actually Think, With Many Jobs

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – Valve Timing Changes, With (RPM)s

Basic Engine Topics – Top And Bottom End Individual Components

Automotive Engine Rebuild – Is It Worth It – Other Possible Options

Basic Engine Machining – Common Machine Shop Jobs Performed

Connecting Rods – The Link Between, The Piston And Crankshaft

Crankshafts – Convert Vertical Movement Of Pistons Into A Rotation

Cylinder Heads – Serve As A Housing, For All Top End Components

Diesel Engine – Is Sophisticated And Often, Difficult To Diagnose

Engine Bearings – Enable Moving Engine Parts, To Spin Freely

Engine Blocks – A Metal Structure, Housing Other Components

Car Engine Problems And Damage – The Most Expensive Repairs

Mechanical Problems – Require More Wrenching And Less Testing

Oil Pressure – Is Actually Created By, Resistance To Oil Flow

Piston Ring – Seals The Combustion Chamber, And Dissipate Heat

Belts And Hoses – Are Crucial, But Also Have A Short Life Span

Car Electrical System – Starting, Charging, And Ignition Circuits

Automotive Car Battery – Troubleshooting Car Battery Problems

Automotive Relays – Are Used To Control, Hi Amperage Circuits

Car Alternator – Powers The Electrical System – Charges Battery

Car Starter Motor – How To Know, If Your Starter Motor Is Failing

Sensors In Cars – Monitor And Control, Various Engine Parameters

Crankshaft Camshaft Sensors – Used With Distributorless Ignition

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, Sends Info To The (ECU)

Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve – Manages Your Engine’s Idle Speed

Knock Sensors – Monitor The Frequency, When Detonation Occurs

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor – Getting The Correct Amount Of Air

Oxygen Sensors (O2) – Report Your Air Fuel Ratio, To Your (ECM)

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) – Updates The (ECM) About Air Flow

Cooling System – Keeping The Engine, An Efficient Temperature

Diagnosing Leaks – Is Easy, If You Know The Location, Color, Smell

Coolant Leaks – Cause Overheating, The First Sign Of Trouble

Fuel Leaks – Are Found Most Often, Just By The Smell

Head Gasket Leaks – Are By Far, Any Motorist’s Worst Nightmare

Manifold Gasket Leaks – Intake And Exhaust, Are Both Bad

Oil Leaks – Effect Engine Life and Performance Of Your Vehicle

Vacuum Leaking – Allows Unmetered Air, To Enter The Engine

Emission Control – Pollution Devices, That Manage Emissions

Crankcase Emission Control – “Blow-By” Gases In The Crankcase

Evaporative Emission Control – Collects and Stores, Fuel Vapors

Exhaust Emission Control – Lowers The Level Of, Harmful Exhaust

Engine Sealing – The most important task, gaskets and seals need to do.

diagnose, before you fix.

Fuel Systems – Store and deliver fuel to the engine for proper combustion.

General Car Maintenance – Your car owners manual, is your bible.

Ignition Systems – Generate the spark, to ignite the Air/Fuel mixture.

Links – Have Been Added, With Additional Tech Resources

Lubricants And Oils – Essential fluids, That keep your engine alive.

Miscellaneous Topics – The overflow, miscellaneous car problems section.

Motorcycle ATV – Tech tips, to help you keep doing, what you love best.

Engine No Start Conditions – Possible causes and things to check first.

Overheating Engine – Today, engines run hot, but how hot, is too hot.

automotive engine repair.


Testing Procedures and Fixes – You can do many of them, all by yourself.

Turbocharger – Supercharger – They both squeeze out, more power.


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