So, you may have noticed that, your car, truck, or SUV has developed idle issues.

When you start the engine, it won’t run, at a steady and consistent (RPM).

It may almost stall or, it may run at varying (RPM)s, without you putting your foot on the gas.

Firstly, having idle issues, is not a normal operating condition and may be, the first sign of major problems. So, there can be, a variety of reasons why, your vehicle is having idle issues.

The downsides of idle issues can be:

  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Poor performance.
  • Starting issues.
  • Potential engine damage.

So, it is best to try to diagnose and fix idle issues, before they get worse.

When you start your engine and just let it run, without putting it into gear, that is idling. A properly idling engine, should be able to maintain, a steady, but low rate of (RPM). Usually, somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000 (RPM). Your tachometer needle, should be steady and not jumping around. An engine that is idling smoothly, provides enough power to operate your vehicle’s basic systems. Smooth idling also indicates, that your engine’s fuel and air are mixing just right.

Idle issues include, possibly rising and falling of (RPM) or having difficulty maintaining, a steady rate of rotation. So, a smooth idle depends on, just the right mixture of fuel and air. But, there can be many possible places, where the fuel and the air, are not being processed properly. Some of these causes can be simple and some can be complicated.

Note What The Conditions Are, When Your Idle Issues Occur

Try to figure out what the exact circumstances are, when your vehicle’s idle is rough:

  • Does it happen on, cold starts, after the car has been parked for hours?
  • Does it happen when, you restart a warmed-up car?
  • Are there any odd noises?
  • Does it just happen all the time?
  • Do you see any smoke coming out?

So, take notes on anything that you think, might help you narrow things down. Because, this could save you, diagnosis time and money.

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