Electrical systems include everything from ABS brakes, fuel injection, relays, sensors, fuses, to the latest in GPS navigation equipment.

So, Common electrical problems in cars are varied. While everyone always thinks of the battery first – and it’s true that the battery is most often the culprit – your electrical system is much bigger than that. In fact, in newer cars, the electrical system is larger and more complex. As a result, This introduces more ways for something to go wrong.

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Battery – Provides The Power To Run The Starter, Lights, Accessories

Car Starter – How Do You Know If Your Car Starter Is Failing

Sensors-Are Electro-Mechanical Devices That Monitor Engine Parameters

Fuses – If Any Electrical Item Fails In Your Vehicle – Check The Fuses First

Ignition Switch – Common Signs Of A Failing Ignition Switch

Fuel Pump Relay – Function And Testing Procedures

No Spark – When Your Engine Cranks But Fails To Start

Why Are Automotive Sensors So Important Today

Dash Warning Lights-What Do They Mean

(DIS) Distributorless Ignition System – Replace The Distributor

Ignition Timing – Your Engine Knows Timing Is Everything

Car Battery – Before You Disconnect It – Know What Can Go Wrong

Ignition Coil – Coil Types – Failure Symptom Warning Signs

Engine Cranks But Fails To Start – Ignition, Fuel, Compression Are Good

Push Button Start – Keyless Entry System – Engine Does Not Crank

Reduced Engine Power – Limp Mode – What Does It Mean – Causes

If you suspect your car may be having some electrical problems, it’s important to get it serviced right away. If you act quickly, you can avoid expensive repairs like alternator replacements, or electrical rewiring.

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