Firstly, basic engine machining tasks, on any engine, is pretty universal.

Consequently, you don’t even know what you need machined, until a complete inspection of all the parts has been done.

So, basic engine machining for your engine rebuild, can sometimes be confusing. Because, there is a wide spectrum of options, from which to choose from.

Basic engine machining, is an art and it should be an enjoyable experience for both you and the shop. Honestly, finding a good shop, is one of the most important steps, in the entire machining process.

Consequently, the defining characteristic of most shops, is the type of machines they operate.

So, today, any basic engine machining done, needs to be correct and accurate. Therefore, many customers today, are adopting for the new CNC machine processes. This is especially true, when it comes to engine blocks.

So, instead of using a resurfacing machine, a boring machine, a milling machine and a range of specialty fixtures; all block work, with the exception of final cylinder honing and main bore align honing (if needed); can be accomplished on one machining center, and in far less time, that it takes using traditional methods.

For example, Some Of The Most Common Equipment Used In Most Shops Are:

  • Crankshaft Grinders, Camshaft Grinders, Crankshaft Equipment.
  • Head and Block Resurfacing Machines.
  • Cylinder Boring Bars, Cylinder Honing Equipment.
  • Honing Machines, Connecting Rod Equipment.
  • Inspection & Testing Equipment.
  • Valve Guide and Seat Equipment.
  • Valve Grinder Equipment.

In Addition, Some Of The Most Common Basic Engine Machining Done Is:

  • Crankshaft / Rotating Assembly Balancing.
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing.
  • Block Deck Resurfacing.
  • Flywheel Resurfacing.
  • Cylinder Boring and Honing.
  • Engine Block, Cylinder Head and Piston Rod Magnetic Particle Inspection (Magna-fluxing).
  • Installation of Cylinder Sleeves.
  • Cylinder Head Pressure Testing.
  • Cylinder Head Valve Seat Work.

Above all, Cleaning Is The Most Crucial Factor, After Any Basic Engine Machining Is Done.

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