(KS) - Knock Sensors - Things That You Need To Know
(KS) – Knock Sensors – Things That You Need To Know

Spark Knock is a knocking, rattling or pinging noise. It could be heard when he engine is accelerating or is working hard under load.  Spark knock means the fuel is detonating. Detonation is when the fuel explodes erratically instead of burning smoothly.

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It occurs when there is too much heat and compression in the combustion chamber.  It is similar to pre-ignition, but pre-ignition is when the fuel ignites before the spark occurs. Pre-ignition can burn a hole right through the top of a piston. The knock sensors work by sensing the “knocks” or noises the engine makes when the pressure and heat in the engine is too much. When this happens, the sensor picks up the noise or the vibration being made.