Mechanical Problems-Some Of The Most Costly Repairs
Mechanical Problems-Some Of The Most Costly Repairs

Some of the most costly repairs on your engine would be from mechanical problems. A neglected engine that needs to be repaired or replaced is typically the costliest maintenance issue a driver can face.

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How to find mechanical engine misfires

Valve guide wear-What to fix and why?

Valve Lash Setting-Do You Need To Worry About It

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Engine Compression – What Can Cause Low Or No Engine Compression

Sticking Valves From Carbon Deposits – What Should You Do

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Knocking Ticking Noise – Is This The End Of Your Engine ?

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Starter Motor Going Bad – It May Display A Few Warning Signs

Engine Failure – There Are Warning Signs – What To Watch For !

Hydraulic Valve Lifter – Takes Up Clearance Within The Valve Train

Low Compression Causing Engine Misfires – Is It A Mechanical Malfunction

Valve Job – Why Would You Need One – What Should You Expect

Flexplate – What Does It Do ? – What Happens When It Fails

Starter – Diagnosing Starter Problems – Knowing The Signs

Vehicle Noise – What Do You Hear ? – How Bad Is It ?

Rough Idling Engine – The Exact Cause Can Be Difficult To Diagnose

Hydrolocked Engine – What Is It – What Damage Can It Do

The heart of your car is the engine — if it fails, you’re not going anywhere.