Spark Plugs - Provide The Spark That Ignites The Air-Fuel Mixture
Spark Plugs – Provide The Spark That Ignites The Air-Fuel Mixture

A visual inspection of the Spark Plugs will display symptoms and conditions of the engine’s performance.  The experienced technician can analyze these Spark Plug symptoms to track down the root cause of many problems.

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Always examine the tips of the plugs as they are removed. This can reveal a great deal about the health and performance of an engine. The appearance and color of the deposits can reveal other problems that may need fixing.

So, Spark plugs provide the spark that ignites the mixture of air and gasoline in the cylinders. Each spark plug must be able to reliably produce millions of sparks. Latest-generation spark plug are manufactured using extremely resistant materials and have an excellent lifespan. However, after several thousands of kilometres they become covered with dirt or carbon deposits, causing the spark plug to become less efficient and resulting in increased fuel consumption.