Original diagnosis problems-Engine or part replacement

Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes
Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes

Original Diagnosis Problems. The installer’s nightmare….repeat failures. 

You have changed an engine, cylinder head, or crankshaft only to have the replacement fail for the same problem, or another problem, only a short time later.

The Solution…proper original diagnosis.

Not finding original diagnosis problems can cost a ton of money and inconvenience.

There are many situations that occur in today’s vehicles that cannot be fixed by the replacement of an engine, head, or crank.

Damage to these parts is only the result, not the cause of the problem.

One example of a sensor/system failure is a blown head gasket or failed piston. The engine, piston, or head is changed.

Shortly the customer returns with a blown head gasket, or part of the piston burned away. Because finding and correcting the original problem never did happen.

Before replacing any of these components, you must first find the real problem that caused the failure.

The purpose of this Engine Portal Tech Talk is to inform you, in the strongest possible way, of the consequences of not diagnosing and checking the systems that make an engine operate properly. As a result not finding original diagnosis problems.

Automotive Sensors
Automotive Sensors

Computers and sensors control today’s vehicles. There may be as many as 20 sensors feeding information to the vehicle “master control unit “ (MCU) or brain box.

There are other sensors, while not directly attached to the MCU, that do affect the information the sensors feed to computers.

These sensors are part of systems that operate the vehicle properly. All of the systems must be in proper operating order for the engine to function properly and have normal combustion.

Consequently abnormal combustion will result in detonation. Due to not finding original diagnosis problems.

Examples of systems that play an important role in the proper running of today’s engine are:

  • The exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Oiling system
  • Fuel ignition system
  • EGR system
  • Air temperature system
  • A.I.R. (thermactor) system, or RCV-CCV system
Original Diagnosis Problems
Original Diagnosis Problems

These systems are all controlled by the sensors that send signals to the MCU. So the result of this information is a properly or improperly operating vehicle. As a result failure of any of the sensors which supply information on these systems, or failure of the system itself, can cause a major engine failure.

Just as with the original engine, under proper care and maintenance, it is reasonable to expect mileage from remanufactured engines of 100,000 miles and up if all conditions are the same. The difference then is in the changing over of an engine or part.

The sensors/systems that provide information to allow the engine to run properly also have 100,000 miles on them.

Therefore if you have not found the original problem keep looking. Otherwise you could end up with the installer’s nightmare….repeat failures.