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Head Gasket

So, a head gasket can leak either, coolant or compression. Consequently, coolant leaks in a head gasket will be discovered fairly quickly. Due to the fact that an engine will run hot. Furthermore, compression leaks cause, engines to lose a lot of their power. But, they will not prohibit you from continuing to drive the vehicle.

Manifold Leaks

So, a leak in the intake manifold gasket can lead to; coolant running down the sides of a vehicle’s engine. Consequently, some vehicles have become well known for springing leaks; in their intake manifold gaskets. These vehicles, however, are usually equipped with plastic manifold gaskets; which tend to fail sooner than other gaskets.

So, some engines are prone to coolant leaks; in their intake manifold gaskets. There are also some vehicles which have engines; prone to head gasket failure. So, if you experience these symptoms; it may not tell you exactly where the problem is. But, you will at least know that; you need to have it checked out.

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