Firstly, your cooling heating system, shares many of the same parts.

But, actually have, completely different functions.

So, when you are in your vehicle, it is your cooling system, that keeps you cool. In contrast, when you are in your vehicle, it is your heating system, that keeps you warm.

Therefore, without the cooling heating system, in today’s modern vehicles, we would all be miserable, driving to our destinations. Consequently, we take for granted, the heat that keeps us, warm in the winter months. And, the cool air, that refreshes us, in the summertime.

But, with any automotive cooling heating system, things go wrong and need fixing.

The heater in your car is basically, a smaller version of your cooling systems radiator. So, like your engine’s cooling system radiator, the heater core can suffer, some of the same issues. Consequently, if the heater core becomes clogged with rust or sludge, you will no longer have heat. Furthermore, leaks can cause, a cabin full of white steam and really mess up your windows. So, if you smell the sweet aroma of coolant, when your heater is on. Then, chances are you have a small leak, in the heater core. (cooling heating system)

So, you may have heard the advice that if you car is overheating, open all the windows. And run the heater, with the fan going at full blast. This is because the heating system, is actually a secondary cooling system. Because, it mirrors the main cooling system on your car.

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