Reviews of common problems, will help you sort between, the good, the bad, and the ugly repairs.

Some of the most common engine problems include, oil leaks, overheating, stalling, smoking, or trouble starting.

Firstly, there really isn’t any car or engine on the road today, that is just plain bad. Yes, there are some that are know for certain issues. But, with proper maintenance, most can be avoided.

So, reviews of the common ones, and taking action, when they happen, will help you in the long run.

Let’s Start With, Common Leaks

What’s leaking under my car? Is the color of my exhaust okay? Should my engine sound like that? We’ve all asked these questions. Consequently, you can get a pretty good idea, of what’s causing many problems, by reading reviews.

When it comes to fluids, you can usually identify them, by color. Grab a paper towel and dab it in the leak. If it’s green or pink, you’re probably looking at engine coolant. Power steering fluid is, yellowish and transmission fluid is a redder color. Consequently, every fluid has a distinct color. So, this is a pretty easy one, to diagnose.

Your exhaust can also, lead you to necessary repairs. White, blue, or black exhaust smoke, will each point you in a different direction. Read reviews first, because, it may be a problem with, engine valves or your head gasket.

So, it’s best not to delay, when you see these problems, because they can only get worse.

In addition, you should be listening for unusual sounds and which part of the car they’re coming from. There are also common signs that, you’re low on power steering fluid. And, when something may be wrong with, your starter. Other common engine problems include, overheating and that unbearable moment when, your car simply won’t turn over.

So, the good news is that, when you read reviews, there is a reason for everything in auto repairs. It’s just a matter of, narrowing it down to the real problem. Another good reason to learn, auto repair basics. That is why mechanics—pros and amateurs alike—use onboard diagnostics (OBD), to help them find these problems quickly.

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