No Start Conditions - For Some Reason Your Engine Did Not Start
No Start Conditions – For Some Reason Your Engine Did Not Start

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Engine Turns Over But Will Not Start – What Things Should You Check

Engine Will Not Turn Over – What Things Should You Check

Automatic Shutdown (ASD) Relay – Function – Failure – Testing

No Start Conditions – For Some Reason Your Engine Did Not Start

So, Is your engine not starting or cranking over? Consequently, An engine needs three things to run, compression, fuel and spark. Because the engine depends on supporting systems to make these things happen; such as the fuel and ignition systems; a simple item such as a fuel pump relay will make the engine not run. When the engine is not cranking over; a simple item such as a low battery can fix the problem.

Possible Causes And Things To Check; For No Start conditions Include:

  • 1. Check the Security System
  • 2. Test Fuses
  • 3. Check for Spark
  • 4. Check for Fuel
  • 5. Check Engine Trouble Codes
  • 6. Crankshaft Angle Sensor
  • 7. Check for Injector Pulse
  • 8. Check Cylinder Compression
  • 9. Plugged Exhaust System

Less Common Areas To Check Include:

So, There a few subsequent conditions which are more difficult to detect; that could also cause no start conditions:

  • Water in the fuel tank
  • Electrical system wiring harness failure
  • Computer malfunction

So, Before your engine would not start did you notice anything out of the ordinary; such as low power or a check engine light? Consequently, This could aid in the troubleshooting and diagnosis process.

Neutral Safety Switch

So, Vehicles equipped with automatic transmission are designed with a neutral safety switch. Consequently, stopping the engine from turning over; if the gear selector is not in park or neutral. For standard transmissions the switch is designed to; detect if the clutch pedal is fully depressed. This safety feature will not allow the engine to start while the transmission is in gear; which will make the vehicle take off unexpectedly when the engine starts.

Both of these switches are subject to wear and can become; misadjusted or have an open circuit due to time and usage. For automatic transmission vehicles move the gear shifter; to the neutral position and recheck the operation. If the starter then works the neutral safety switch has gone bad; and needs adjustment or replacement.

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