So, as the technical aspects of motorcycle ATV increase, you will encountered more challenges.

Consequently, sometimes you get in over your head and really feel like, throwing in the towel.

Rarely does someone find success, on their first try. Trial and error, hard work, and perseverance. Sound familiar?

Doing you own, motorcycle ATV repairs, can be very rewarding.

Most riders start small, like oil changes, filter replacements and coolant flushing, before tackling the bigger projects.

Basic Maintenance And Tech Tips, To Keep Your Motorcycle ATV, Running The Way It Should

Oil and Filter

Is it time to change the oil and filter? Routine oil and filter changes, provide optimal protection. And, prevent breakdown and performance loss. So, don’t bother with trying to save money, by changing the oil filter, every other oil change. Your ride is a high maintenance beast, so give her the best treatment. Besides, it doesn’t cost a lot and takes, just a few extra minutes.


Check the tire pressure. Because, riding on optimum tire pressure, prevents premature wear, enhances fuel economy and provides the safest means of travel. You don’t want to ride on, underinflated or overinflated tires. Because, of the greater risk of, a blow out and eroded traction.

Chain, Belt Or Shaft (Motorcycle ATV)

Check the chain, belt or shaft, depending on what drives your ride. Furthermore, you really should give it a glance, probably every time you ride anyway. But, definitely every 500 miles or so and absolutely, after washing or riding in the rain.

Control Cables

Check the brake, clutch, shift and throttle controls. Look for fraying, in the cables and test their functionality. Too tight or too loose a squeeze, make the necessary adjustments. Lubricate cables. The throttle should roll smoothly and snap back when disengaged.

Brake System

Check the brakes! You have tested their functionality, now ensure the brakes, stop your ride when applied. Also, look at the brake fluid level, thickness of pads and for, leakage around the hoses.

Lights (Motorcycle ATV)

Check all the signal lights and headlight. Besides providing safety, functioning lights, prevent an unnecessary fix-it ticket from law enforcement. All lights should gleam with precision. So, other drivers can see you and know, exactly where you ride.

Bearings and Pivot Points

Check the bearings and anything that pivots. Inspecting the bearings for slop and the pivot points for ease of movement. Above all, this ranks quite high, in terms of overall safety.

Air Filter

You need to let your engine breathe a bit. And, a clogged air filter, can choke the life out of any engine. Check the air filter. Is it dirty? Pop in a fresh one, before you go anywhere and since it is open, clean the airbox too.

Finally, try to do as much as possible yourself. Because, most riders feel safer and more confident about there ride, after doing there own maintenance.

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