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Emission-Thermactor Plugs for Small Block Fords

Broken bolt and stud removing tips

How to clean engine coolant from lubricating system

Original diagnosis problems-Engine or part replacement

Engine oil sludge-Where does it come from

Torque to yield bolts-What are they

How to clean engine oil from cooling system

Stay ahead of car problems by using your sense of sight-hearing-touch-and smell

Zinc additives for flat tappet lifter break-in

Dash Warning Lights-What Do They Mean

Engine Damage-How To Stay Ahead of Costly Repairs

Top Dead Center (TDC) What You Need To Know

Coolant-Antifreeze – Engine Cooling And Testing Made Easy

Fuel System Related Problems – Not Always Easy To Solve

Mechanical Fuel Pumps-Basic Information And Troubleshooting

Excessive Fuel Consumption – Common Causes And Cures

Torque Specifications – Not Knowing Is Just Asking For Failure

Pushrods On G.M. 3.1-3.4 Engines – This Is Still Going On !!!

Engine Surging or Misfiring – Many System Malfunctions Can Cause This

Low Compression Causing Engine Misfires – Is It A Mechanical Malfunction

Fuel Wash – How To Eliminate This Potentially Serious Problem

Engine Troubleshooting FAQ – Automotive Repair Help With Solutions

Rough Engine Idle – Common Causes With Possible Solutions

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