So, The more you know about your vehicle, the more likely you’ll be able to head off repair problems.

Also, Miscellaneous topics including, auto parts and systems are the building blocks that come together to make automobiles function.

So, Let’s talk about some of the miscellaneous topics on this page. This is more of a smorgasbord of automotive information rather than a lesson.

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Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated.

So, Ignoring maintenance can lead to trouble: specific parts — or an entire system — can fail. Also, Neglecting routine maintenance, like changing the oil or checking the coolant, can lead to, unreliability, or costly breakdowns. It also may invalidate your warranty

At some time or another many of us will have our check engine light (CEL) illuminati on the dashboard. This indication is a somewhat common occurrence with many vehicles and more commonly than not, it is not a serious problem.

This light is, however, part of a built in computerized diagnostic system, so it would never be a good idea to just ignore the light. In most cases, though, it does not necessarily mean that you have to pull over to the side of the road and immediately shut off your vehicle.

It is important to not confuse the check engine light with the maintenance required light or the service required light as these two lights have different meanings than the check engine light. The maintenance required or service required light typically will illuminate at a given mileage to let you know that a vehicle service is needed. These lights are referring to a non-imperative service requirement like a tune up.

So, All cars require maintenance to remain operable. Even when you stay on top of suggested support services, like oil changes and tire rotations, issues will occur. Driving style or car model may leave your car more prone to certain problems than others.


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