Miscellaneous Topics - Miscellaneous Car Problems Section
Miscellaneous Topics – Miscellaneous Car Problems Section

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Engine Damage – Look For Gradual Deterioration Before It’s Too Late

Reduced Engine Power – Limp Mode – What Does It Mean – Causes

Engine Troubleshooting FAQ – Automotive Repair Issues With Solutions

Repeat Engine Failures – Not Properly Diagnosing The Original Problem

Engine Stalling Problems – Possible Causes – What To Check And Why

Engine Stalling Issues – Suddenly, You Question Your Vehicle’s Reliability

Gas Getting Into Oil – What Can Cause This To Happen ?

Pushrods On G.M. 3.1-3.4 Engines – This Is Still Going On !!!

Intermittent Temperature Related Engine Problems – Where To Start !

Fuel Wash – How To Eliminate This Potentially Serious Problem

Engine Problems – What Are The Most Common Engine Problems

Flexplate – What Does It Do ? – What Happens When It Fails

Hydrolocked Engine – What Is It – What Damage Can It Do

Engine Sludge – Top 2 Ways To Stop Or Slow Down Engine Sludge

Harmonic Balancer – Function – Failure – Warning Signs

Broken Bolt – Stud Removing – Repair Tips To Save You Time And Money

Carbon Deposits – Description – Causes – Effect – Prevention – Removal

Engine Issues – Early Warning Signs – Common Causes

Diagnosis Engine Problems With Your Sight, Hearing, Touch And Smell

Oil Mixed With Coolant In The Cooling System – Cleaning Tips

Rocker Arms Dislodging – Along With Valve Seats Falling Out

Coolant Mixed With Oil In The Lubrication System – Cleaning Tips

Rear Main Seal Alternatives – Many Older Engine Have Rope Seals

Emission Thermactor Plugs – Needed For Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

Zinc Additives – They Are Needed For Flat Tappet Lifter Break-In

Top Dead Center (TDC) When The Piston Is At The Top Of Its Stroke

Engine Bottom End Components – Know The Parts Inside Your Engine

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