Automotive Torque Specifications
Automotive Torque Specifications

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So, Automotive Torque Specifications are important information to increase performance or perform repairs. If the tightening is very different from the specs then this can even cause significant damage to the vehicle. Additionally, there are different specs depending on whether the bolt is dry or oiled. Each brand of bolt and the type of part it is going into will determine the torque specifications.

So, Most people do not realize that a bolt or a stud acts like a big spring to hold parts together. As a result, It has to be stretched a certain amount in order to do its job. Even though there are tools to measure bolt stretch, most people do not own them. But almost anyone who does mechanical work will have a torque wrench. Most engine torque specifications require 30w engine oil to get the correct stretch on the bolt. Using the wrong lubricant will affect the clamping load.

Some specialty fasteners require a specific lubricant. It is important to know which lube, if any, the bolt requires and to use it when tightening it.

A torque wrench really only senses friction. For example, take a bolt with a torque specification of 50 lb ft. Tighten it with no lubrication at all and mark it so that you know where it stopped turning. Now loosen the bolt and apply some engine oil to the threads and under the head of the bolt.

Consequently, when you torque it again it will most certainly turn considerably further, which means it has stretched more. This is why it is so important to know what, if any, lubricant the manufacturer specifies for each fastener.

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