Automotive Repair Shops
Automotive Repair Shops

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So, Submit your Automotive Repair Shops site and info on our contact page to see if you qualify to be added to this list. Contact

You may be inclined to support small Automotive Repair Shops rather than a massive dealer. Also, Keep in mind that dealers often have access to resources that the small shops don’t.

  • So, Look for shops that display various certifications — like an Automotive Service Excellence seal. Also, Certification indicates that some or all of the technicians meet basic standards of knowledge and competence in specific areas. Make sure the certifications are current, but remember that certification alone is no guarantee of good or honest work.
  • Also, Ask if the technician or shop has experience working on the same make or model vehicle as yours.
  • Not all replacement parts are the same! There are plenty of inferior parts on the aftermarket, and are usually a “you get what you pay for” proposition. Your shop should only be using factory or at least factory-quality parts to repair your vehicle.

In conclusion, The services or the parts must come with a reasonable promise of durability. Ask about their warranties so that you can estimate the period the repair will last. It will also help you to know how to handle the issue if it arises in future.

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