Electronic Fuel Injectors - Are Used To Convert Fuel Into A Fine Spray
Electronic Fuel Injectors – Are Used To Convert Fuel Into A Fine Spray

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Electronic Fuel Injectors

The function of electronic fuel injectors; is to spray atomized fuel into the combustion chamber. Electronic fuel injectors are nothing more than a spring-loaded solenoid pintle valve. When energized by the computer, the solenoid pulls the valve open. This allows fuel to spray out of the nozzle and into the engine.

When the computer cuts the circuit that powers the injector; the valve inside the injector snaps shut and fuel stops.

Cycling the injector voltage on and off very rapidly, controls the amount of fuel delivered. The longer the pulse width; the greater the volume of fuel delivered; and the richer the fuel mixture. Decreasing the duration of the injector signal pulse, reduces the volume of fuel delivered, and leans out the mixture.

Dirty Fuel Injectors Are A Common Problem.

So, A buildup of fuel varnish deposits; inside the tip of the injector spray nozzle can restrict fuel delivery. Consequently, interfering with the creation of a good spray pattern. As a result, This can cause a lean fuel condition and misfiring.

Electronic Fuel Injectors Offer Precise Fuel Metering

The fuel injector meters the fuel more precisely than a carburetor. Therefore, no fuel is wasted. So, The result of such precise metering is increased power. Also, lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. As a result, The right amount of fuel is squirted into the combustion chamber or throttle body. Finally, Excess fuel goes back to the fuel tank.

Alternatively, may need to pay a mechanic to properly clean your fuel injectors. Consequently, You could purchase a fuel injector cleaning kit and do it yourself. Either way, you’ll want to take care of the issue soon so no serious damage to your engine occurs.

Know The Warning Signs Of Failing Fuel Injectors:

  • Rough Idle or Engine Stalls
  • Engine Vibrates
  • Engine Misfires
  • Check Engine Light Turns On
  • Fuel Leak
  • Fuel Odor
  • Engine Surge
  • Bad Fuel Economy
  • Failed Emissions Test

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