Electronic Fuel Injectors - Are Used To Convert Fuel Into A Fine Spray
Electronic Fuel Injectors – Are Used To Convert Fuel Into A Fine Spray

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Electronic Fuel Injectors

So, the function of electronic fuel injectors; is to spray atomized fuel; into the combustion chamber. Electronic fuel injectors are nothing more than a; spring-loaded solenoid pintle valve. When energized by the computer; the solenoid pulls the valve open. As a result, this allows fuel to spray out of the nozzle and into the engine.

When the computer cuts the circuit that powers the injector; the valve inside the injector snaps shut and fuel stops.

Cycling the injector voltage on and off very rapidly; controls the amount of fuel delivered. The longer the pulse width; the greater the volume of fuel delivered; and the richer the fuel mixture. Decreasing the duration of the injector signal pulse; reduces the volume of fuel delivered; and leans out the mixture.

Dirty Fuel Injectors Are A Common Problem.

So, a buildup of fuel varnish deposits; inside the tip of the injector spray nozzle can restrict fuel delivery. Consequently, interfering with the creation of a good spray pattern. As a result, This can cause a lean fuel condition and misfiring.

Electronic Fuel Injectors Offer Precise Fuel Metering

The fuel injector meters the fuel more precisely than a carburetor. Therefore, no fuel is wasted. So, the result of such precise metering is increased power. Also, lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. As a result, the right amount of fuel is; squirted into the combustion chamber or throttle body. Finally, Excess fuel goes back to the fuel tank.

Alternatively, you may need to pay a mechanic to properly clean your fuel injectors. Consequently, you could purchase a fuel injector cleaning kit and do it yourself. Either way, you’ll want to take care of the issue soon; so no serious damage to your engine occurs.

Know The Warning Signs Of Failing Fuel Injectors:

  • Rough Idle or Engine Stalls
  • Engine Vibrates
  • Engine Misfires
  • Check Engine Light Turns On
  • Fuel Leak
  • Fuel Odor
  • Engine Surge
  • Bad Fuel Economy
  • Failed Emissions Test

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