Head gasket and manifold leaks can have a massive effect on the performance and life of your engine.

Head Gasket – Manifold Leaks are more common on some engines than others.

  • A head gasket seals an engine as well as the pathways of oil and coolant within the engine.
  • A intake manifold gasket seals the cylinder heads and the intake manifold together.

But, Some engine are more prone to leaks than others !

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Intake Manifold Gasket Leak

So, A leak in the intake manifold gasket can lead to coolant running down the sides of a vehicle’s engine. But, Some vehicles have become well known for springing leaks in their intake manifold gaskets. These vehicles, however, are usually equipped with plastic manifold gaskets which tend to fail sooner than other gaskets.

Head Gasket Leak

A head gasket can leak either coolant or compression. Coolant leaks in a head gasket will be discovered fairly quickly because the engine will run hot. Although compression leaks cause engines to lose power, they will not prohibit you from driving the vehicle.

Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

So, An exhaust manifold leak can be very damaging to your engine. Because, A leaking exhaust manifold gasket can cause a burned exhaust valve.

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