Head Gasket - Manifold Leaks
Head Gasket – Manifold Leaks

Head gasket and manifold leaks can have a massive effect on the performance and life of your engine.

So, The job of the intake manifold and cylinder head gaskets is to stop any leaks and intermixing of fluids.

The one big difference between the two is a intake leak will not cause a loss of compression.

Also, The exhaust manifold gasket keeps unsilenced exhaust gasses from leaking out.

So, Head Gasket – Manifold Leaks are something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The head gaskets only job is to seal the area where the cylinder head meets the engine block. The head gasket has to seal three areas between the cylinder block and the head. The combustion chamber, coolant passages and oil passages.

The intake manifold gaskets job is to seal the area where intake manifold meets the cylinder head(s) and or block. The Intake manifold gasket has to seal two areas between cylinder head(s) and or block. The coolant passages and the air/vacuum.

The exhaust manifold gasket keeps unsilenced exhaust gasses from leaking out.

Also, Some engines are prone to coolant leaks in their intake manifold gaskets. There are also some engines which are prone to head gasket failure.

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So, Coolant does not magically disappear; it has to go somewhere. Furthermore, External leaks can be seen with the naked eye or by using dyes. Also, Internal leaks can find their way into the combustion chamber or the oil. So, Spotting these leaks can be difficult.

Always inspect the overall system. Check the oil for any foaming or signs of contamination. Always take the time to pull the any engine codes. As a result, Oxygen sensor related codes can indicate that coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber. Also, Coolants contain phosphates and other chemicals that can damage the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter.