Learn to diagnose internal engine mechanical problems with minimal disassembly using basic engine mechanical testing methods.

So, Engine mechanical problems are becoming more common every day, and they can be difficult to diagnose. Consequently, Engines today are built with more valves, camshafts and complex variable valve timing systems.

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Compression Testing Engine Mechanical

Compression Test – How To Do It – What Can It Tell You

Wet Compression Test – This Is Where You Find The Problem

Running ( Dynamic ) Compression Test – Evaluating Individual Cylinders

Engine Compression – What Can Cause Low Or No Engine Compression

Low Compression Causing Engine Misfires – Is It A Mechanical Malfunction

Cylinder Leak Down Testing Engine Mechanical

How To Do A Cylinder Leak Down Test

Cylinder Leak Down Test Findings

Find Out How to do a cylinder leak down test

Power Balance Testing

Cylinder power balance testing made easy

Cylinder Power Balance Test – Total Power Output Of The Engine

Vacuum Testing

Vacuum Test – A Vacuum Test Can Tell You More Than You Think

A Vacuum Gauge – Can Tell You A Lot About Your Engine’s Condition

Vacuum Leak Detection – The Safe Way to Find Leaks

How to find Vacuum Leaks

Vacuum Gauge – Can Tell You A Lot About Your Engine’s Condition

Engine Testing troubleshooting FAQ

Top Dead Center (TDC) What You Need To Know

Valve Springs – What Does A Valve Spring Do – How Can It Fail

Valves And Piston Rings – Functions – Failure Warning Signs – Testing


So, Getting your engine professionally diagnosed and repaired is pretty costly. Because, This involves having a mechanic look at your engine to figure out the exact cause of the engine problem. Then replacing any damaged components, which greatly increases engine problem costs.

The problem with engine repairs is this: there’s something else that can still go wrong. Another component may be weak, and a fresh engine repair might stress that part to the point of failure also. Also, Now you have to go through the annoyance of getting that repaired as well. So, It’s costly and time-consuming. Finally, It can creep up close to the cost of an engine replacement without the benefit of warranty.

Finally, When diagnosing an engine problem, it is important to take a logical and methodical approach. Consequently, Fixing what is known to be wrong first, instead of assuming that it could not be the main culprit.

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