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Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) – Function – Failure – Testing

Car Battery – Before You Disconnect It – Know What Can Go Wrong

Starter – Diagnosing Starter Problems – Knowing The Signs

Crankshaft-Camshaft Position Sensor Testing Made Easy

Crankshaft Position Sensor-(CPS)-Testing And Replacement

Fuel Pump Relay – Function And Testing Procedures

(O2) Oxygen Sensor – What They Do – How They Fail – Rich-Lean Testing

Engine Misfire Causes – Fuel, Ignition, Coolant Or Compression Related

Car Starter – How Do You Know If Your Car Starter Is Failing

Sensors-Are Electro-Mechanical Devices That Monitor Engine Parameters

Fuses – If Any Electrical Item Fails In Your Vehicle – Check The Fuses First

Ignition Switch – Common Signs Of A Failing Ignition Switch

Fuel Pump Relay – Function And Testing Procedures

No Spark – When Your Engine Cranks But Fails To Start

Why Are Automotive Sensors So Important Today

Dash Warning Lights-What Do They Mean

(DIS) Distributorless Ignition System – Replace The Distributor

Ignition Timing – Your Engine Knows Timing Is Everything

Starter Motor Going Bad – It May Display A Few Warning Signs

Starter Problems – What Do You Hear When You Try To Start Your Car

Ignition Coil – Coil Types – Failure Symptom Warning Signs

Engine Cooling Fan – Is Yours Working – How To Test It

Push Button Start – Keyless Entry System – Engine Does Not Crank

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