Cooling-Heating System
Cooling-Heating System

It might sound strange, but your car’s engine cooling system is directly related to the heating system.

So, A car’s cooling heating system operates on a mix of air, coolant, and the radiator.

Sounds simple enough, but it is a delicate balance and a change in one element invariably impacts the other two.

So, Numerous factors may lead to a problem in a car’s cooling heating system. Consequently, an engine cooling-heating system utilizes the radiator, fans, fan clutch and belt, water pump, gaskets, engine block and heads, thermostat, hoses and the heater core. Finally, The fans and the radiator remove excessive heat from the engine by circulating the coolant through a series of hoses to hold the temperature constant. Also, Excessive temperatures could damage the engine permanently.

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Today’s cooling system must maintain the engine at a constant temperature whether the outside air temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit  or 10 below zero.  So, If the engine temperature is too low, fuel economy will suffer and emissions will rise. Also, If the temperature is allowed to get too hot for too long, the engine will self destruct.

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