Thermostats are used to regulate the flow of coolant through the engine.

When the engine has been sitting for a while and is not warm, the thermostats will be closed.

Failed thermostats will prevent the engine from operating within its ideal temperature range and affect its performance.

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So, The thermostat is located between the engine and the radiator. This little temperature-sensitive spring valve stays closed during engine warm-up. When the thermostat is closed, it prevents coolant from leaving the engine and circulating through the radiator. So, The correct running temperature for most engines is between 180 degrees F and 200 degrees F.

So, Different engines use different temperature thermostats. Also, Some high range thermostats maintain engine operating temperatures above 200 degrees F. As a result, Causing the engine to burn up more pollutants and aids in emissions control.

However the range for your thermostat depends on the type of your engine, load requirements, weather, and other variables.

So, Most thermostats are the “pellet” type. Consequently, The name comes from the wax pellet that expands as the engine coolant warms. The pellet’s expansion forces the valve open.

For this reason, car makers usually place the thermostat in an accessible position. So, Depending on the air temperature, the engine should take from five to fifteen minutes to warm up. As a result, A malfunctioning thermostat can cause excessive engine wear and waste fuel. A good time to have your thermostat checked is just before summer or winter.

If your troubleshooting procedures tell you the thermostat is working, find the cause of the problem as soon as possible. In this case, the vehicle repair manual for your particular car make and model will be of great help.

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