Engine Overheating Topics - So, How Hot Is Too Hot
Engine Overheating Topics – So, How Hot Is Too Hot

There’s nothing quite as scary as suddenly noticing a temperature gauge venturing into the red. Once an engine reaches a certain temperature, parts can begin to seize, warp or score.

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Rad Caps – Play An Important Role In A Pressurized Cooling System

Radiators – It’s Primary Task Is To Keep The Engine Cool

Thermostats – Control The Flow Of Engine Coolant

Water Pump – Push Coolant Through The Car’s Engine Block

Intermittent Temperature Related Engine Problems

Engine Cooling Fan – Is Yours Working – How To Test It

Engine Overheating Topics-Engines operate efficiently at a certain temperature. That temperature, even though it is too hot to touch by hand, is significantly cooler than it would be without a cooling system.

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