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Dash Warning Lights-What Do They Mean

Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Generic OBD II Fault Codes

Check Engine Light – What Can Cause It To Come On ?

OBD Codes-The Check Engine Light Is Only The Messenger

Engine Damage-How To Stay Ahead of Costly Repairs

Excessive Fuel Consumption – Common Causes And Cures

P0001-P0099 – Fuel & Air Metering – Auxiliary Emission Controls

P0100-P0199 – Fuel and Air Metering

P0200-P0299 – Fuel and Air Metering (Injector Circuit)

Fuel Injectors – Will Usually Only Fail In One Of Three Ways

P0300-P0399 – Ignition System or Misfire

P0400-P0499 – Auxiliary Emissions Controls

P0500-P0599 – Vehicle Speed Controls and Idle Control System

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