Emission Control - Pollution Control Devices That Manage Emissions
Emission Control – Pollution Control Devices That Manage Emissions

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Emission Control – Pollution Control Devices That Manage Emissions

So, The clean air; limits the amount of each of these pollutants; that could be emitted from an automobile. Consequently, The manufacturers answer was; the addition of certain pollution control devices. Also, The creation of a self adjusting engine.

So, An oxygen sensor was installed in the exhaust system. Consequently, Measuring the fuel content of the exhaust stream. It then would send a signal; to a microprocessor; which would analyze the readings. As a result; To operate a fuel mixture; or air mixture device; to create the proper air/fuel ratio. So, As computer systems progressed; they were able to adjust; ignition spark timing; as well as operate the other emission controls.

The computer is also capable; of monitoring and diagnosing itself. As a result, If a fault is seen; the computer will alert you by; also, illuminating a malfunction indicator lamp. The computer will at the same time; record the fault in it’s memory. So, that a technician can at a later date; also, retrieve that fault in the form of a code. Finally, Which will help them determine the proper repair.

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