Emission Control - Pollution Control Devices That Manage Emissions
Emission Control – Pollution Control Devices That Manage Emissions

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Emission Control

Three Ways To Control Automotive Emissions:

  1. Promote more complete combustion; so that there are less by products.
  2. Reintroduce excessive hydrocarbons; back into the engine for combustion.
  3. Provide an additional area; for oxidation or combustion to occur.

Oxygen Sensor

So, The oxygen sensor measures; the fuel content of the exhaust stream. It would then send a signal; to a microprocessor for analyzing. Consequently, operating a fuel mixture; or air mixture device. As a result, creating the proper air/fuel ratio.

The computer is also capable of; monitoring and diagnosing itself. So, If there is a fault; the computer will light the (MIL). The computer will; record the fault in it’s memory.

Catalytic Converter

So, The catalytic converter looks like a muffler. Also, It is located in the exhaust system. Inside the converter are; pellets or a honeycomb; made of platinum or palladium. So, The platinum or palladium is used as a catalyst.

As a result, all fuels designed for automobile engines are now unleaded.

So, As the converter works to clean the exhaust; it develops heat. Also, The dirtier the exhaust; the harder the converter works. And, the more heat that is developed. Also, In some cases the converter can be seen; to glow from excessive heat. As a result, If the converter works this hard to clean a dirty exhaust; it will destroy itself. As a result, leaded fuel will put a coating on the platinum; rendering it ineffective.

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