The emission control system, significantly reduces harmful gasses, created by your vehicle.

Also, it keeps your vehicle’s engine operation, quiet, efficient and clean.

Computers, an array of sensors, computerized engine controls, fuel system components; and exhaust components, all work together, to control your vehicle’s emission output.

So, if you ever have an emission control problem in your car; you’re probably going to have an, emissions light that flashes on your dashboard.

Even though pollutants are being created; most modern vehicles, have minimal, exhaust odor or smoke. This is due in large part to; the catalytic converter and precise, computer-controlled air-fuel mixtures.

Three Ways That It Works:

  1. Promote more complete combustion, so that there are less by products.
  2. Reintroduce excessive hydrocarbons, back into the engine for combustion.
  3. Provide an additional area, for oxidation or combustion to occur.

Oxygen (O2) Sensor

So, the oxygen sensor measures, the fuel content, in the exhaust stream. It would then send a signal, to the (PCM) for analyzing. As a result, creating the proper air/fuel ratio.

The computer is also capable of, monitoring and diagnosing itself. So, if there is a fault, the computer will light the (MIL). Then, the computer will, record the fault in it’s memory.

Catalytic Converter

So, the catalytic converter, looks like a muffler and is located, in the exhaust system.

Consequently, all fuels designed for emission control, are now unleaded.

So, as the converter works to clean the exhaust, it develops heat. Consequently, the dirtier the exhaust, the harder the converter works. And, the more heat that is developed. That’s why, in some cases, the converter can be seen, to glow from excessive heat. But, if the converter works this hard to clean a dirty exhaust, it will destroy itself.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve

So, the (EGR), draws exhaust, by means of intake vacuum, which dilutes, the incoming air/fuel mixture. Consequently, reducing the temperature in the combustion chambers, bringing the (NOx) within acceptable limits.

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