A Failed mass air flow sensors can cause a variety of driveability problems, including a no-start, stalling, lack of power, poor acceleration.

By far, the most common type of mass air flow sensors are the “hot-wire” (MAF) sensor. This type of sensor measures the amount of current necessary to maintain the temperature of a wire above 90 degrees, which in turn gives your car’s computer a measure of the mass of the air entering the engine. Your car uses this number for multiple calculations, which is why keeping your MAF sensor running properly is important

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Why Are Automotive Sensors So Important Today

(MAF) Mass Air Flow Sensor – Measuring, Volume, Density, Temperature

When the engine is idling, a small amount of air flows around the hot wire, so it takes a very low electric current to keep the wire hot. When you press the gas, the throttle opens allowing more air flow over the hot wire. The passing air cools the wire down.

So, The more air flows over the wire, the more electrical current is needed to keep it hot. Also, The electric current is proportional to the amount of the air flow. A small electronic chip installed inside the air flow sensor translates the electric current into a digital signal and sends it to the engine computer (PCM). As a result, The PCM uses the air flow signal to calculate how much fuel to inject. Finally, The goal is to keep the air/fuel ratio at the optimal level.

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