Sensors-Are Electro-Mechanical Devices That Monitor Engine Parameters
Sensors-Are Electro-Mechanical Devices That Monitor Engine Parameters

Also, Sensor-Relays-Actuators. Consequently, They all work together to provide the car’s Engine Control Unit with vital data parameters essential to govern various engine functions effectively.

So, Like anything else, a sensor wears out, corrode, or become dirty. As a result, This essentially blinds the computer and triggers the dreaded check engine light.

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Why Are Automotive Sensors So Important Today

(KS) – Knock Sensor – Things That You Need To Know

(O2) Oxygen Sensor – They Monitor The Levels Of Fuel Mixture

(CPS) Crankshaft-Camshaft Sensor Are Required By Distributorless Ignition.

(ECT) Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor-What You Need To Know

(MAF) Mass Air Flow Sensors – Getting The Correct Amount Of Air

Intermittent Temperature Related Engine Problems

Engine Problems – What Are The Most Common Engine Problems

Modern computer-controlled vehicles also must have the proper mixture of air and fuel ignited at the proper instant in order to operate.

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