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Car starter troubles may be caused by poor maintenance, or just wear and tear.

A discharged or dead battery is one of the possible reasons for a starter not to work. So, Always check the battery first.

The first indication your car starter may be going bad is at the moment you try to start your car.

  • If you turn the key and simply hear a clicking sound, then it may be the starter.

Another way to know that the starter is in need of replacement is based on the speed of the starter itself.

  • If it takes a while for your car to a start, that also indicate a problem with the starter.

The last way to know if your starter is going bad is by listening for grinding.

  • This noise, called freewheeling, indicates that gears in the starter are worn out and are not working properly.

While changing a starter is not a difficult process, it does need to be done properly so the new starter is operating correctly.