So, the vast majority of oil leaks, are due to degraded engine gaskets.

Consequently, leaks can be frustrating, because they don’t just come from one place.

However, all engines develop them, from minor leaks to slow drips, that develop into a major threat to a engine.

So, one typical sign of oil leaks, is seeing a puddle of, greasy looking brown liquid under your car.

However, many vehicles today, have shielding underneath. And, will most likely, catch the oil, before it hits the ground. As a result, that can hide, a potentially major leak. In this case, a low oil level indicator, will be your sign of leakage.

Above all, keeping a close eye on your engine oil level. Because, it is an important part, of taking care of your vehicle.

Common Place, To Check For Oil Leaks Include:

  • So, the oil filter is very common.
  • Also, the oil drain plug and gasket.
  • The oil filler cap.
  • Valve cover gasket leak.
  • Oil pan gasket.
  • Timing chain cover.
  • Both, front and rear seals.
  • Head gasket.

As you can see, most often the leak is, due to a failed gasket.

Common Signs, Of Oil Leaks Include:

  • Engine overheating.
  • Smoke from the engine bay.
  • Oil light on dash.
  • Above all, low oil levels.
  • Smell of burning oil.
  • For instance, puddles on the ground.
  • Engine misfiring, valve cover, leaking on coil.
  • Engine knocking.
  • Blue exhaust smoke.
  • Ticking noise from the engine.
  • Dried Oily Residue On Engine Components.

Consequently, the cost of repairs to fix an oil leak, will vary. And, depends on the issue, that is actually causing the leak.

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