Manifold Leaks - Intake And Exhaust Are Both Bad
Manifold Leaks – Intake And Exhaust Are Both Bad

The leak could be anything from, Coolant leaking, Exhaust leaking, Oil leaking,  Or Air leaking.

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Manifold Leaks-Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets work together to seal the join between the manifolds and the cylinder head. The intake manifold gasket seals the intake manifold so air travels directly into the cylinders.

The exhaust manifold gasket keeps unsilenced exhaust gasses from leaking out. Both kinds of gaskets can be made from a variety of materials including cork, paper or metal. Consequently, There are even plastic intake manifold gaskets. Finally, If the manifolds have to be removed, the gaskets will need to be replaced to prevent leaks.

Unless you have a lot of experience fixing cars mechanically, you should call the professionals! Replacing an intake manifold gasket not only mean you need to determine the cause, find the leak and buy the right gasket. You will also need to remove the intake manifold from the engine and replace the gasket without any leaks. This requires a level of experience and skills.