Diagnosing Leaks - Any Leak Needs To Be Fixed
Diagnosing Leaks – Any Leak Needs To Be Fixed

Diagnosing leaks properly is very important as some fluid leaks can be dangerous and can result in serious damage to the engine or other vital components.

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Coolant Leaks – The First Symptom Of Trouble Is Engine Overheating

Fuel Leaks – If You Smell Gas This Could Be A Sign Of A Fuel Leak

Head Gasket Leaks – Are Any Motorist’s Worst Nightmare

Manifold Leaks – Intake And Exhaust Are Both Bad

Oil Leaks – Are Something You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Vacuum Leaks – Allow Unmetered Air To Enter The Engine

Fluid Leak – What Is That Fluid Leak Under My Car

In many modern cars, a warning light will appear if certain fluids are running low, which in some cases can indicate a leak. Oil, coolant, and washer fluid warning lights are common. While running out of washer fluid is normal, if the oil or coolant warning light illuminates often, you should have the system inspected for problems.

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