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So, We strongly suggest that a visual inspection of the engine is the first step in proper diagnostics.
Is a wire loose? Did a vacuum line fall off ? Also, Do not look for a complicated solution to a simple problem. Finally, It is common to have a problem in one area that impacts three or four others.

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Bottom End  – Bottom end is the part of the engine below the head gasket.

Cooling-HeatingCooling-heating issues are something not to be fooled with.

ElectricalElectrical systems are becoming more and more important in automobiles.

EmissionThe need to control the emission from engines gave rise to the computerization of the automobile.

Engine Codes-Lights-Symbols – (OBD) stands for On-Board Diagnostics. (CEL) stands for Check Engine Light. (MIL) Stands for Malfunction Indicator Lamp. (SES) Stands for Service Engine Soon. All different ways of displaying information.

Fuel SystemYour fuel system is comprised of the following elements at a minimum.

Ignition SystemThere are many different types of ignition system on the market today.

LeaksSometimes it can be hard to accurately identify the cause of a leak.

LubricationLubrication is the number one thing that all engines need.

Machining-Rebuilding-RepairMachining-Rebuilding-Repair knowledge is an essential part of engine repair.

No-StartEvery engine requires four basic ingredients to start, But still your engine did not start.

Noises-VibrationsEven those with lots of experience in car repairs can be fooled by the meaning of engine sounds.

Poor PerformancePoor performance can mean serious and expensive problems for your vehicle.

Repair Tips – Sometimes a time consuming job can just get out of control. Learning common repair tips may save you time and money.

TestingEngine testing starts when you open the hood.

TimingThere are two kinds of timing, cam timing and ignition timing.

Top EndTop end of the engine is usually everything above the head gasket.

Turbocharger-Supercharger – Making it possible for the smaller engine to keep the same speed and performance as its larger predecessor.

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