Sensors In Cars - Devices That Monitor And Control Engine Parameters
Sensors In Cars – Devices That Monitor And Control Engine Parameters

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Automotive Sensors – Why Are Sensors So Important Today

So, Sensors In Cars, They are devices that monitor and control engine parameters. In the old days, car engine sensors and instrumentation were very simple. There was an oil light that would illuminate when the oil pressure was low. And, An alternator light that would come on when the battery wasn’t receiving a proper charge.

Sometimes the gauges were the sensors. For example, the oil pressure gauge was often attached to the engine itself. It had a thin oil line that ran to the gauge in the dashboard. All of these analog gauges were quite simple, and it was up to the driver to monitor them while driving. If something went wrong, the driver was expected to notice an odd reading on one of the gauges.

Today’s vehicles are obviously more complicated. Some of it is due to the vast array of power accessories on all but the most basic cars. Digital computers now control engines. Luxury cars have “body computers” to control luxury features. And all of these computers rely on fast-acting, reliable car engine sensors.

On the plus side, these digital electronic systems make it easy to constantly monitor vital engine parameters like:

  • Oil pressure
  • Coolant temperature
  • Exhaust emissions

So, Sensors in cars continually monitor major systems, sending real-time signals to onboard computers. And these computers keep track of everything, alerting the driver only when something is wrong.

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