Car Starter Motor - How Do You Know If Your Starter Motor Is Failing
Car Starter Motor – How Do You Know If Your Starter Motor Is Failing

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So, A car starter motor is an electric motor; that turns over or “cranks” the engine to start it.

Consequently, Consisting of:

  • A powerful DC electric motor.
  • A the starter solenoid.

Consequently, To turn over the engine; the starter motor requires a very high electric current. As a result, The battery has to have sufficient power. If the battery is discharged; the lights in a car might come on. But, It won’t be enough power to turn over the starter motor.

So, What are the symptoms of a bad starter motor:

  • When starting a car with a fully charged battery; there is a single click or nothing happens at all.
  • The starter motor doesn’t run; even though there is a 12-Volt power at the starter control terminal.

Another symptom is when the starter motor runs; but fails to turn over the engine. Often, this might cause a loud screeching noise when starting the car. Of course; this could also be caused by damaged teeth on the ring gear of the flex-plate or flywheel. Finally, Every starter motor also has a starter solenoid.

A typical starter solenoid has; one small connector for the starter control wire and two large terminals:

  • One for the positive battery cable.
  • One for the thick wire that powers the starter motor itself.

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