Engine machining is an essential part of high-performance and stock engine rebuilding.

So, Understanding the principles, procedures, and goals for machining is vital so you can guide the machining process when outsourced.

Also, Classic and older engines typically require extensive engine machining and almost every major component of engine, including block, heads, intake, crankshaft, and pistons, requires some sort of machining and fitment.

When selecting a machine shop, the engine builder should consider the things that are most important.

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Topics include parts preparation and checking prior to the machining process:

  • Parts cleaning operations, including chemical and abrasive cleaning methods
  • Precision measuring and crack detection on cast iron and aluminum engine parts
  • Engine cylinder reboring and precision honing with torque plates
  • Cylinder head and block deck milling, including square decking on V-type engine blocks
  • Also, Cylinder head rebuilding, including valve guide and seat replacement, spring seat machining, and special valve seat forming with carbide cutters
  • Removal of press-in rocker-arm studs
  • Machining of screw-in-rocker-arm studs
  • Finally, Reconditioning connecting rods, honing piston pin bosses, and other small bores found on automotive engine components

While the title of automotive machinist may appear to look a lot like the title of auto mechanic, the two are distinctly different. An auto mechanic focuses more on general repair while an automotive machinist works specifically on a vehicle’s engine. Finally, An automotive machinist provides engine work and repair.

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