Connecting Rods-Tie It Together
Connecting Rods-Tie It Together

A connecting rods is an engine component that transfers motion from the piston to the crankshaft.

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Connecting rods are commonly made from cast aluminum alloy.  As a result, are designed to withstand dynamic stresses from combustion and piston movement. The small end of the connecting rod connects to the piston with a piston pin.

So, The piston pin, or wrist pin, provides a pivot point between the piston and connecting rod. Spring clips, or piston pin locks, are used to hold the piston pin in place. They can also be a press fit in the rod as well.

The big end of the connecting rod connects to the crank pin journal to provide a pivot point on the crankshaft. Connecting rod are produces as one piece or two-piece components. A rod cap is the removable section of a two-piece connecting rod. As a result, The rod cap is attached to the connecting rod with two cap screws for installation and removal from the crankshaft.