Basic Engine Topics - Hard Metal Components Inside Of An Engine
Basic Engine Topics – Hard Metal Components Inside Of An Engine

Every engine needs oil between its moving parts not only to reduce friction but also to carry away heat. So, Any reduction in oil flow may cause these parts to run hot, gall and seize.

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Connecting Rods – Tie It All Together

Crankshafts – Convert The Vertical Movement Of Pistons Into A Rotation

Cylinder Heads – Usually Called The Top End Of The Engine

Diesel Engine Topics – They Are Sophisticated And Difficult To Diagnose

Engine Bearings – Enable Moving Parts To Spin Freely In The Engine

Engine Blocks – Contain All Of The Major Components

Basic Engine Machining – Not All Machine Shops Are The Same

Engine Rebuilding – What You Need To Know Before You Start

Mechanical Problems – Some Of The Most Costly Repairs

Oil Pressure – What Does It Do – Why Do You Need It

Piston Rings – Seal The Combustion Chamber While Dissipating Heat

So, An engine failure is always bad news. Besides taking away your wheels, it forces you to make a painful financial decision. So, If the cost to repair, overhaul or replace the engine is more than the resale value of your car or truck, the investment may not be worth it. Finally, If your vehicle is in good condition otherwise, repairing or replacing the engine may be less expense than trading for another used vehicle (always a gamble), or taking on payments for a new car or truck.

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