The most common cause of, engine mechanical problems is, abnormal combustion, heat and improper engine lubrication.

Because, any one or combination, can result in, metal on metal contact.

The cause of oil starvation, is usually a faulty oil pump. But, can also be, just high mileage wear and tear.

So, engine mechanical problems, are a common side affect, of engine overheating. If this happens it can cause, several parts to fail, including engine failure. Consequently, overheating often occurs, due engine coolant leaks. Furthermore, overheating can cause, blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and other engine mechanical problems.

So, abnormal combustion, will produce, excess heat and pressure, within the combustion chamber. This means that fuel will be combusting, when it should not be. Often causing, a loud knocking noise. So, the most common reason detonation occurs is, the failure of the, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Consequently, this system is, what ensures a proper air/fuel mixture.

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