Mechanical Problems - Some Of The Most Costly Repairs
Mechanical Problems – Some Of The Most Costly Repairs

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So, The most common cause of mechanical problems; is improper engine lubrication. As a result; The lack of oil will result in; excessive metal on metal contact. The cause of oil starvation is usually a faulty oil pump. Also, High mileage wear and tear. Of course failing to change the oil; can also be the culprit.

So, Abnormal combustion will produce; excess heat and pressure; within the combustion chamber. This means that fuel will be combusting; when it should not be. Often causing a loud knocking noise. So, The most common reason detonation occurs; is the failure of the; exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. As a result, This system; is what ensures a proper air/fuel mixture.

Another big problem is overheating. If this happens it can cause several parts to fail. Consequently; Overheating often occurs; due a coolant leak. So, Overheating can cause; blown head gaskets; cracked blocks and other problems.

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