Engine Problems And Damage - The Most Expensive Of all Repairs
Engine Problems And Damage – The Most Expensive Of all Repairs

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Engine Problems And Damage – The Most Expensive Of all Repairs

So, Knowing the facts; regarding car repairs can be important. Especially, when considering the cost of your own repairs. If you’re like us; we’re curious about; what problems are most common. Also, how much those common repairs normally cost. So, Let’s take a look at the; top 10 most common repairs.

Engine Leaks

So, Depending on the type of vehicle you have. The engine that is in it; and the location of the oil leak; repair costs can range from; as little as $150; to as much as $1200.

Cylinder Head Replacement

Consequently, If you were to replace the entire cylinder head. It would only cost $200 to $300 on average for parts. With labor at about $90 to $100 per hour; this comes out to roughly $500 for the job.

But, If you have an older vehicle or more expensive vehicle. You probably have a cylinder head made of cast iron. Because, cast iron is a more expensive material than aluminum. Consequently, you might be looking at $500 just for the parts. The labor may also require more hours for this repair job. Therefore, you could be looking at $1,000 to repair a; cracked cylinder head made; of cast iron.

Oxygen Sensor Replacements

So, As your car ages; your oxygen sensor becomes worn. And, is often due for replacement after 100,000 to 150,000 kilometers of use. A moderately expensive repair; oxygen sensors average around $250 to be replaced.

Catalytic Converter Replacements

Catalytic converters are designed to last; the entire lifetime of your car. However, unattended repair issues in other components of the exhaust system; can cause wear and breakdown to the catalytic converter. But, New catalytic converters runs consumers $1,150 on average. While aftermarket catalytic converters; are a cost-saving option. But, Most owners rely on original manufacturers.

Thermostat Replacement

You shouldn’t ignore a thermostat repair. Your car will either run under capacity; or may damage itself under strain. Thermostat repairs average $210. But, it’s better than complete engine failure.

Ignition Coil Replacement

Often, there may be problems with ignition systems. That aren’t caused by faulty spark plugs; which only warrant the replacement of the ignition coils. Luckily for these folks; ignition coil replacement runs only $236.32 on average. As a result, $150 cheaper than the combination of; spark plugs and ignition coil replacement.

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