Engine bearings, are just a vessel, that allows, a controlled number of events to happen.

So, it’s actually the film of oil, on top of the bearing; that supports the load, of the moving parts.

As a result, the magic that happens, is based on oil. Above all, the engine bearings, should never touch the part, it is allowing to spin.

Basically, engine bearings would last forever, if it were not for, dirt, heat, condensation or lack of lubrication.

Loose clearances lead, to low oil pressure conditions, while tight clearances, lead to higher pressure ones. Todays thought, is volume of oil, not pressure. So, as long as good clean oil, is between the moving parts; it really does not matter how it got there.

So, All bearings will show some degree of wear. But, a close examination of the old bearings, may reveal other problems.

Main Bearing

The main bearings, are located in the engine block. The main bearing sits inside the main bearing housings, that hold the crankshaft. One bearing is located in the engine block and the other in the main cap. Main bearings, may have certain characteristics such as oil holes, locating tags and oil grooves.

Con-rod Bearing

So, connecting rod bearings provide, rotating motion of the crank pin, within the connecting rod. The connecting rod bearing sits, inside the big end of the connecting rod.

Thrust Washers

So, thrust washers, are either separate from the main bearing; or integrated into the one or two of the main shells. Consequently, the thrust washers, control the front to back movement, of the crankshaft.

Cam Bearing (OHC)

So, the cam bearings sit, between the cylinder head casting and the camshaft caps, that house the camshaft. Consequently, These bearings may have oil holes for certain engines, to help keep the camshaft lubricated.

Pin Bushings

So, pin bushings, are commonly called small end bushings. They provide relative motion of the piston, from the connecting rod. Also, located at the small end of the rod.

Bearing lubrication is critical from the second the engine turns over until it is shut down.

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